Spark up your classroom with Augmented Reality

Assemblr helps you create a more accessible and exciting learning experience in 3D & AR.

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What is Assemblr?

Assemblr is a mobile app that empowers users to discover, create, and share Augmented Reality experiences.⁣⁣

Forget about whiteboards or papers. With Assemblr, you can turn lessons into stunning 3D visuals, simulate models from every angle using AR, and bring students closer in a more immersive learning experience — all from your on-the-go devices.

Assemblr Tutorial

It’s easy to get started and master Assemblr, so we’ll show you around. Watch our curated list of video tutorials, where you can learn about using all of our apps step by step.


ACE Program

Join our network of innovative teachers. Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) is a program where teachers can develop practical skills to use Assemblr professionally.



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