Frequently Asked Question

What is Assemblr EDU?

Assemblr EDU is an AR platform, specifically made for educational purposes. With the help of 3D & AR technology, your learning experience will be more fun and interactive!

I’m very new to this kind of technology. Are there any learning resources or tutorials I can get?

Yes, you can visit our Class Resources page to access our tutorials and educator’s kit.

I think I want to create my own educational contents, other than the ones you have provided. Is it possible?

Of course! To create your own AR educational contents, you can open Assemblr EDU, then go to ‘You’. After that, tap the ‘+’ button on the bottom right of your phone.You will be directed to our two editor modes, and you can choose which mode you want to use to create your AR contents.

I’m neither a teacher nor a student. But, I’m so interested in the educational field. Can I use Assemblr EDU?

Totally! Teachers, students, parents, whoever you are, you can make use of Assemblr EDU!

How can I share the class code with my teachers or students?

On top of your classroom, you will see your Class Code.
Tap or click on the code, then choose ‘Copy Class Code’.
After that, you can share the class code with your teachers or students. Simple and easy!

How can I view the learning materials in 3D & AR?

You can tap the learning material that you’d like to use, and on the bottom of it, you will see two buttons: “Play in 3D” and “Play in AR”.Then, you are free to pick whichever you’d like.

How many learning materials are there?

We have 100+ premade AR learning materials with various topics, such as life science, biology, physics, math, chemistry, and many more. No worries, we’ll continue to add more to complete you better!

Are the learning materials available for free?

Some of our learning materials are free, but we also have some exclusive contents. To gain access to the exclusive contents, you can subscribe to our Assemblr EDU Plans

Can I import more 3D objects to my educational contents from other sources?

Yes, you can! But, you need to use Assemblr Studio to import them. If you haven’t had Assemblr Studio on your desktop yet, you can download it here.

What kind of features does Assemblr EDU have?

We have 4 main features: Class, Topics, Scan, and Profile

Is there any kind of subscription plan for Assemblr EDU?

Yes, we have a subscription plan called Assemblr EDU Plans.

How many members can I add to my classroom?

There’s no limit, so you can invite as many as you want!

What can I do on the ‘Class’ feature?

If you’re new to Assemblr EDU, you can create your first class and invite the members.Then, in your classroom, you’ll be provided with many tools that can complete your classroom experience.You can post additional files & visuals, write notes, share your AR lessons to the classroom, and engage with everyone in your classroom

What kind of benefits can I gain from subscribing to Assemblr EDU?

You can gain unlimited access to all our AR learning materials, custom marker slots, and more space of storage.

What are the subscription types?

We have four types of subscription plans: Free Plan, Individual Plan, Basic School Plan, and Premium School Plan. Check them out here.

Is there any additional program that I can join on Assemblr EDU?

Yes, we have two programs called Assemblr EDU Distributor and Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE).

As our distributor, you will be our special agents to distribute Assemblr products to be used by educational institutions.Meanwhile, as an ACE, you can get licensed exclusively, as well as sharpen your skills in creating your own AR educational contents.

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