School Ambassador

Revolutionizing Education with AR

Welcome aboard to all our School Ambassadors from Batch I & II! Currently, we have 66 Schools from Indonesia joining the program to shape a better education with AR.

Start Small, Aim Big

What is School Ambassador?

School Ambassador is an intensive training program for our selected schools, aiming to broaden the use of AR for education massively.

Get free intensive training & modules

Our team will share all you need to know about augmented reality and how to implement it for your teaching activities from zero — all cost-free.

Mentored exclusively by our team

We encourage teachers to keep advancing in creating their AR lessons, backed with the help of our team. Practice makes perfect.

Offered as our ACE

Once you finish all your activities, we will offer you to join as our ACE. Here’s the great news: you will have a higher chance to be accepted!

Learn more: What is Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE)?

We are Going Virtual!

Due to the pandemic, we conduct all our sessions through virtual meetings. Wherever and whenever you are, we will always stay committed to creating more breakthroughs for your school or educational institution.

Assemblr School Ambassador - CikalAssemblr School Ambassador - Mts BatuAssemblr School Ambassador - SD UPIAssemblr School Ambassador - SMAN 1 BanjarAssemblr School Ambassador - SMAN 1 TasikmalayaAssemblr School Ambassador - SMAS Bina Insani
Assemblr School Ambassador - SMKN 1 BandungAssemblr School Ambassador - SMKN 1 BekasiAssemblr School Ambassador - SMKN 1 tanggerang selatan Assemblr School Ambassador - SMP 1 PurkokertoAssemblr School Ambassador - Student one islamic schoolAssemblr School Ambassador - Unity School

What They Say

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I am thrilled and excited to found an app that is very teacher and student-friendly.  Sekolah Cikal is always wanted to be ahead in technology, and together with Assemblr Edu, we can bring a world of imagination into the classroom and express our own creativity into a reality beyond our expectations!
Marsaria Primadonna
Teacher, Sekolah Cikal
I am grateful for the opportunity to join School Ambassador program. Not only that I get to learn how to utilize AR for my teaching activities, I can also upgrade myself in practicing digital learning for my students. With Assemblr EDU, learning is much more fun and enjoyable!
Dini Siti Anggraeni
Teacher, SMK 1 Bandung
It feels good and great that Unity School is chosen as one of the School Ambassadors in the first batch. By the end of the program, I believe we can make blended learning to be more fun, memorable, and meaningful.
Sigit Vienarcoyo, M.Pd.
Teacher, Unity School
Nowadays, the use of technology, such as AR or VR, is required in the learning process. Hence, I am thrilled and grateful to get trained on how to create AR content from Assemblr EDU. In the future, I believe Assemblr EDU can bring our school to be the winner.
Sheptiani Ekasari D, S.Pd.
Teacher, Unity School
I really appreciate how helpful Assemblr EDU is for educators and students. With this app, learning is much more enjoyable, interactive, and conducive.
Sakti Setiawan
Teacher, Student one Islamic School

School Ambassadors List

As of today, there have been around 60+ schools and educational institutions from Indonesia joining us as School Ambassadors. Together, we’ll continue to maximize the use of AR for fun learning activities.