Student Data Safety

Your student’s data is safe with us. Here’s how Assemblr ensures your student’s data is held securely.

  1. We comply to GDPR and the EU - U.S. Protection Shield Framework as defined by the US Department of Commerce with respect to the assortment, use and maintenance of individual data from European Union member countries.
  2. Our employees lose access to any organization, item framework and information upon termination.
  3. Before starting their employment, all employees undergo an individual verification and consent to a non-disclosure agreement.
  4. Access to your personally identifiable information is restricted to our employees.
  5. Your user data is processed and backed up in a server run by industry leading partner. The server also ensures maximum levels of uptime and restorations in a timely manner.
  6. We use SSL encryption to transmit your data safely.
  7. Passwords are salted and hashed using Scrypt.
  8. We do routine security audits and monitoring to ensure security and system integrity.